Education that focuses on integrating the science throughout your program and to implement in the operational environment.


Real world experience and the underlying science is distilled into a language that can be understood and easily assimilated.


Arm your team with the skill sets needed to train, test, and deploy in a manner that is sound and defensible.


Program Review

  • Determine if your policies and procedures meet current best practices and expectations for court.
  • Offer revisions to bring your current policies and procedures into alignment with your practices.
  • Establish updates to your current documents to bring your program into compliance.


  • Assess your current certification protocols relative to best practices.
  • Conduct evaluation or credentialing that meets scientific best practices.
  • Design a protocol geared towards your program’s needs and challenges to respond to the deployment environment.

Training and Education

  • Formal training courses for teams and programs.
  • Individual training for handlers with/without K9.
  • Educational outreach across all agency levels.
  • Integration of science into training and development of those programs.